Best Weightlifting Gym Gloves 

  • Washable Leather.
  • Double Stitched.
  • Half Finger Length in the gloves assists in the easy snatching of weights.
  • Palm Reinforced with Foam.
  • Natural Leather Palm.
  • The gloves fight germs and are odorless even after repeated use.


Best Weightlifting Gym Gloves – Check  Now

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Proprietary Skin-on-Skin leather that has been used in the gloves will make you feel there is no extra padding in the gloves; it also enhances the grip, protection, feel, and comfort with added durability and strength.


Antimicrobial treated mesh and anti-mold washable leather are part of the gloves; these ensure that the gloves fight germs and are odorless even after repeated use.


Half Finger Length in the gloves assists in the easy snatching of weights and in providing ventilation to lifters’ hands. Double Stitching in our gloves enhances their durability.


Specially treated skinny featherweight glove leather often locks the bar moving up towards your fingers, due to the diminished bulk from the glove.


X trim gloves easily slip on and off your hands. X trim gloves are washable. If you prefer to wash your gloves, wash them by hand and with mild soap. Then, rinse the gloves in cool water. Do not bleach the gloves. And, finally, air-dry the gloves in a cool place. Do not dry the gloves under direct sunlight.

Also, ensure you do not iron or dry clean the gloves. Designed to be a great alternative to bulky weight lifting gloves that gets hot, make the hands sweat, make you lose grip, and make you feel less confident while lifting weights.


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The ergonomic design and use of very soft washable leather make MACHO gloves to be very gentle on lifters’ hands. Macho gloves allow you to lift much more weight than you could with just bare hands and are especially effective in pulling exercises like deadlifts or upright rows.


Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. This product is intended for specific use only. Xtrim assumes no liability for injury or damages that may occur with the use of this product. The consumer uses this product at their own risk.


Designed for weight lifters who are looking to reduce wrist injuries while lifting weights. Flexi-strap wrist closure present in MACHO gloves scales down unwanted pressure on the wrists, reducing the likelihood of wrist injuries during weight lifting.


MACHO gloves are ideal for those lifters who are looking to have reduced strain in their hands during weight lifting. Thin, sophisticated padding used in these gloves absorbs pressure thus reducing the strain on lifters’ hands.


High-quality authentic, natural grain leather used in MACHO gloves provides ample grip to the lifter thereby reducing the possibility of weight slipping off the lifters’ hands.


The rubberized stretchy wrap material used in MACHO gloves acts like extra ligaments and tendons when the wrist is bent backward during lifting, thereby reducing the possibility of wrist injuries while lifting weights.


Natural Leather Palm, Washable Leather, and Mesh, Double Stitched, 4 – Way Stretch POLY SPAN Mesh, Short Finger Length, Palm Reinforced with Foam, Luxurious Closure system.

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