Best electric Full Body Massager for Pain Relief | Buy On Amazon

  • Full body massage at home.
  • You can use it on your neck, shoulder, waistline, arms, thigh, hip, and calf areas for massage.
  • Helps in Burning Body Fat.
  • Specific points on the body in an attempt to relieve tension and pain.
  • An effective solution to get wrinkle-free tight skin through regular massage.
  • Produce light vibrations that stimulate the blood flow to make you more energized with each massage session.
  • 4 Massage Head -Wave massage, dead skin removal head, scraping, and rolling heads.
  • It is easy to carry with you anywhere to enjoy massage.


Best Electric Full Body Massager for Pain Relief

  4.3 out of 5

Dr. Physio Electric Full Body Massager For Pain Relief of Back, Leg & Foot

Dr. Physio Usa Massager Affordable Massager. Get professional-grade massaging at home.

Absolutely no need to spend your hard-earned money on spa massage services and those costly massage systems.

This handheld electric massager allows you to perform the process yourself, just by turning it on! Sit back, relax and enjoy a powerful message that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and alleviated sore muscles.

Dr. Physio electric massager features 4 styles of massage – reduce fat and weight fast. Non-slip handle easily use.

The massager comes with 1 Year Standard Warranty.

The warranty can be extended for additional 6 months for free by registering on the manufacturer’s website within 15 days. The extended warranty program is conditional subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer.


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Designed and Engineered by Nureca Inc USA. Breakage of Massager, water damage, voltage damage, damage due to drops, general wear and tear excluded from the warranty.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects in massager only.

Customer to send massager to Dr. Physio service center in India for repair. Please do not attempt to repair massager yourself /unauthorized repair as this may cause electric shock and will also void the warranty.

Support Contact Details –

7527013265 / 18002709565 (Toll Free). Power Consumption (Watts) 220 W

4 Heads for Customized Massage: Dr. Physio’s handheld massager comes with 4 massage heads – Wave massage, dead skin removal head, scraping and rolling heads, and a protective cover.

These massage heads deliver deep tissue massage for relieving pain naturally.

Targeted Full Body Massage: Comes with an ergonomic handle to enable vigorous deep tissue targeted massage on neck, back, shoulders, legs, buttocks, and toes, etc.

Produce light vibrations that stimulate the blood flow to make you more energized with each massage session.

Lightweight & Portable Gift: This is a small-sized handheld massager that can fit easily into a travel bag or purse.

It is easy to carry with you anywhere to enjoy massage. Its design is easy for handling to all so could be a great gift for your loved ones.

In The Box: What all you will get in the box? 1 Dr. Physio Massager, 4 sets of interchangeable massage heads, a protective cover, 1 user manual, and 1 wall outlet adapter

Relieves Stress, Anxiety & Tension: This is the best choice as you can enjoy a customized massage at your convenience.

It delivers light and steady pressure to relieve tension, anxiety, muscle soreness, chronic pain, knots tension, sports injuries, and more

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